NEW SINGLE 12/21/2020

QUIET is a new single from You Can Call Me SIR. Premiering - Winter Solstice -  the darkest night of the darkest year in our waking memory.



Stay Tuned...

Jackalope is the new video and second single off You Can Call Me Sir’s debut EP Blood Moon. Directed by Cassils, the video stars Sir who plays a “female” bandit/serial killer who takes down patriarchy. One blood sacrifice at a time.


This Love Is On Fire is the first single from You Can Call Me Sir's debut EP. The  video premiered at the 2019 Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival as part of the Platinum Showcase at the MOCA Grand on Saturday, July 20th.

This Love Is On Fire was directed by Cassils and stars the legendary Mistress Sheree Rose. The video portrays an intergenerational power exchange steeped in female sexuality and features sex workers across age spectrums. With abject encounters that sizzle and smolder, This Love is on Fire traces the matriarchal lineage of female dominance in a political moment charged with the suppression of women’s rights.

Video online premier featured in PAPER MAGAZINE



Blood Moon is now available for streaming and in online stores!

"The music reflects on magic and rituals that we participate in, either accidentally or self-curated and how these rituals have an effect on our lived identities. It wonders why we compose these rituals...what kind of power we gain, what kind of power we take from others, unconsciously and consciously. This music is haunting like the South...  it's about smoldering desires... how delicate humans are and how we don’t even know each other at all." - Cristy & Matt


You Can Call Me Sir is an electronic rock collective featuring Louisiana-bred LA based dominatrix Cristy Michel (vocals, guitars, bass, beats - both meanings) and Matt Petty (experimental trombone, found sounds, moody elements, verbiage). Their music reaches far back into the American mythologies of old, meandering through rodeos and badlands with a modern twist, ambling into the disco and imaginatively incorporating trombone instrumentation, which is run through pedals to sound like sumptuous guitar solos. The band plays with traditional rhythms to build new works all informed by their lived queer experiences growing up in the haunted swamplands of the American South.

Special thanks to Michael L. Schneider - drums / mixing / production

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